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students and faculty entering the ceremony area


Commencement ceremony patterns have evolved over the last few decades, the current one being the most well received by students, faculty and parents. Read more about the history of commencement at University of Illinois at Chicago.


In 2004, a new commencement model was adopted that features individual college commencements. There was no general commencement with student speakers.

Year Name College
2003 Justin Sadhu LAS
2002 Julie Sadhu LAS
2001 Danielle Jackson LAS
2000 Rajeev Garg LAS
1999 Yazmin Sanchez LAS
1998 Aginah Muhammad LAS
1997 Yolanda Hancock LAS
Stacie Suggs Engineering
1996 Dedra Turner LAS
Gabriela Munoz Business
1995 Authens Smith LAS
Robert Vanoer Engineering
1994 Collen Oakley CAHP
Lauren Sandmire Social Work
1993 Shalanda Dexter LAS
Michele Landis Social Work
1992 Theresa Schultz Graduate College(Psychology)
Quindola Crowley Social Work
1991 Bijal Bhuva CAHP
Henry Eckstein Engineering
1990 Patricia Weismantel LAS
Katherine Truchan Engineering
1989 Paul Henmueller LAS
*Susan Kovacs Graduate College (Business)
1988 Janet Kuhl LAS
Theresa Nelson Business
1987 Sheryl Underwood Benn LAS
Antoinette Jones Nursing
1986 Raffaella Maffiola Business
*Karen Devlin LAS

* Currently employed at UIC.

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